"What does love mean..

Love is a feeling that really can't be described, it's somthing you can only feel. It's about caring for somone deeply, and never wanting to let go. It's about thinking about them constantly, and no matter what they do, you can never stopping loving them. Even if your in a relashinship or not with them. Your completly comfortable with them, and you don't just like them because they are attractive.

Love is something that is magical, but true love is an even greater love that lives deep within ones very fabric, when that love is awaken and everything is felt, the high that one gets is so heavenly. That is called many things. To truly feel this type of love will shock the senses. This love is a love that only says, i have accepted him/her as my equal and our heart, love and everything else is as one. That to me i call SOUL MATES. It exist and is very real.