Tears of water,
Streaming down my face,
Showing of blood,
Getting rid of the pain.

Yearning for your voice,
And wanting your touch,
Knowing that asking for that,
Is asking for to much.

Tissue after tissue,
Sniffle after sniffle,
Grinding my teeth,
Why can’t it be simple?

Afraid of death,
But hating life,
A never ending pain,
Let it go with a knife.

Trying to be someone else,
Trying to scratch off my skin,
Trying to die,
And lose what’s with in.

Fooling myself,
Saying it’s Ok,
Well knowing,
It really doesn’t matter what I say.

Being displeased with the world and myself,
Being ignored when screaming for help.

I love you,
and need you,
thinking I’d be ok,
But you knew all along it would burn.

Screaming into pillows,
Until my throat’s on fire,
I know I’m not someone thats desired.

So think this everynight,
Well I cry myself to sleep,
Knowing the next day,
It will all happen again.